You have an idea? I can make it happen!

If you have an idea and you want to develop it with mobile or web technology, I’d love to help you bring it to life. I’m a full-stack developer, which means I can get your project from concept to completion.

I love Linux… and I work primarily with React Native & ReactJS on the front-end and with NodeJS on the back-end. Next to these you can add MySQL, MongoDB, Docker, Bash, Redis, Elasticsearch, Logstash.

What do you need?

  • Mobile & Web MVP - if you have a product idea that you want to test ASAP, React Native and ReactJS generate really FAST results.
  • Web development - if you need a custom web application to help you achieve your business goals. We can start from scratch, or extend an existing ReactJS web application.
  • Custom backend - if your mobile/web application needs a custom backend, or you want to extend an existing NodeJS backend, I’m your guy.
We would absolutely enjoy working if you value your time, and would rather trust someone experienced, than try to know every little thing!

What people say?

Christopher Tate

I’ve been working with Cătălin for the last 6 months on a React Native project and it’s been nothing short of great. Cătălin is friendly, a talented engineer, forward-looking, and always strives to produce top-notch solutions. He’s prompt, thinks through problems, and always brings his A-game to the table. I’ve enjoyed working with him and look forward to continued efforts on our projects.

Corin Moss, Infomoss

Catalin is one of those rare developers who can look past the code, and understand the core problem that needs to be solved. This, together with his truly excellent self-discipline, creative problem-solving skills and excellent grasp of programming concepts makes him a very, very strong performer! I can not recommend him highly enough.

Kristopher Francisco, Evolute

Catalin produced great work in the first days of our hire! He was able to get up to speed on our environment and contribute with ease. His use of programming best practices and immediate response to requests allows him to create capabilities that are second to none. With passion for providing great work and creating quality code, Catalin is an excellent addition to any team. Looking forward to working with you again soon!

Dragos Dinu, Aznog, Aznog

Cata’s proactivity and ability to thrive on challenges was obvious since we met, as he was the one who pursued a collaboration in our startup. And this was a great moment, because he quickly became extremely valuable for our team. Since he started working with us, even as part-timer, I couldn’t help to notice his mind agility, as seen in his capacity of quickly understanding a new and large code base with new technologies for him. Another thing that’s easy to notice at Cata is his deep desire to learn new things. That’s why Cata naturally took responsibility for tasks involving languages and technologies that were new for him or even for the team and he always finished them successfully. So add this to his smartness and you can understand why he became a performer very quickly in the assigned projects. His passion for knowledge became obvious and useful for our team also in another way: as he keeps up with the latest technology, he suggested new tools we can use to increase our productivity which became the new standard in the team. Besides this, his polite and respectful nature makes it very pleasurable to work with Cata. Because of all these qualities, any team would benefit greatly to have Cata work with them.

This is my github profile. You are welcome to have a look.

If you like the above, tell me about your business, or say hi: [email protected]. I promise to be friendly and to get back to you as fast as I can. 1


  1. We won’t be able to work together if you have unrealistic expecations and you want the whole world for $500. If you do I’m sure there are other people that will help you better than I can.